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Nirvana: 5 Unique Traditions of a Buddhist Wedding

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Did you know that Buddhism is nearly 3,000 years old and has over 400 million followers?

Although there are many interesting facts about this religion, the wedding ceremonies are perhaps the most beautiful in the world. Whether you want to have your own Buddhist marriage or learn more about another culture, there is a lot to admire about their beliefs.

Keep reading to learn about 5 unique features of a traditional Buddhist wedding ceremony.

1. Buddhist Wedding Attire Is Stunning

In the Western world, most brides wear a white gown while the grooms wear a tuxedo. Buddhist weddings are a lot more open to different colors and styles of wedding attire.

Most Buddhist brides are dressed conservatively with lots of elegant brocade fabrics. Instead of a dress, many brides choose to wear a full-length skirt, long-sleeved blouse, a scarf, and a jacket. On top of this, the bride will also accessorize with lots of stunning jewelry.

Brides are colorful, glowing, and regal. The only color that is avoided is black because it is somber.

Grooms also dress conservatively with brocade fabrics. Most grooms wear full-length pants or a skirt, a waistcoat, hat, and sash. One similarity Buddhist weddings have with other types of wedding ceremonies is that the brides are dressed as the star of the ceremony.

2. Buddhist Wedding Traditions Are Relaxed

Although there are some notable features of a traditional Buddhist wedding, each ceremony you attend can be different. The reason why Buddhist wedding traditions are so relaxed is because the wedding is about celebrating love the best way the couples can.

Every Buddhist wedding ceremony is deeply spiritual and emotional. Every guest will be able to feel the love in the air when the couple pronounces their commitment to each other.

3. There Are Buddhist Wedding Blessings, Hymns, and Vows

Since these wedding ceremonies are focused on celebrating love, it is common to hear lots of blessings, hymns, vows, and other declarations of love. One popular wedding activity is to recite quotes from respected figures, such as Buddha or the Dalai Lama.

Not only do these blessings, hymns, and vows set the tone of the ceremony, but they remind everyone about the importance of love and how we should give and receive it.

4. A Religious Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Includes Offerings

If the couple chooses to have a religious ceremony, they may get married in front of a shrine of Buddha. To show respect, they will light candles, burn incense, and leave flowers and other offerings.

After the couple exchanges their vows, the parents will also give offerings and blessings to the newlyweds.

5. Buddhist Weddings Are Theatrical

With so many emotions, songs, readings, and expressions of gratitude, everyone present will feel overwhelmed with joy and love. As soon as the ceremony starts, there will be a building energy that leads up to the couple’s first married kiss.

Not only is the ceremony intense, but the afterparty is just as energetic. To celebrate the happy couple, Buddhist weddings are filled with lots of dancing to traditional folk music and feasting on a rich oriental cuisine.

Want to Know More Wedding Traditions?

Whether you want to plan your own Buddhist wedding or learn more about a different culture, there is no doubt that these ceremonies are unique and beautiful.

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