Shopping for the wedding gown — oh, where to start! First thing first, all the brides should target to express the absolute best possible version of themselves on their big day. The bride’s dress is the most important and a focal point of discussion at the wedding. Besides the bride’s beaming smile and radiance, the wedding gowns have always been and is still the front and center.

The decision of selecting the perfect wedding wear is one of the main concern yet a perplexed one. Usually, the brides are overwhelmed with all the different wedding dress styles and varieties on offer. However, on entering the ideal and magnificent world of bridal attire initially the jargon and then the choice can get a bit confusing. If you’re confused about which style to opt for then fear not, this article will guide you through everything you need to know!

Aspect of Considerations

The wedding dress is almost certainly the most important wedding purchase, and buying it can be quite an experience. Some of the aspects that are to be considered while making this purchase worthwhile are listed below

Make the Shopping a Pleasant Experience

Every bride to be dreads the worst nightmares like not being able to find the dream gown and ending up buying a gown which I’ll later regret, encountering the hostile shop assistants, the fairy tale alike dresses looking awful when tried, getting to know that I have put on weight and can’t fit in my previous size. Thus, the shopping trip can either be a pleasant experience or a trip from hell.

Thus, ensure that you have sufficient time for shopping and try to make it a pleasant experience by adding some fun elements. Try to convince yourself beforehand that if you are not completely happy with the fitters at the boutique, don’t fear about walking away. You should be aware that you would be spending a fortune on your wedding gown and reputable boutiques would be ready to make efforts to pamper you and guide you through an assistant. This experienced and expert fitter would recommend styles in accordance to your style, body shape, and personality. Planned shopping can make it worth the time and money spend and this eventually makes you feel valued and special.

Match your dress to your wedding style

It is always advisable to shop according to the type of wedding you want to have, the season chosen, the, time and the location of the affair. One should be very clear beforehand about whether the wedding would be a formal evening event, or an off-the-cuff beach party, the season, and the decorum of the location selected. Similarly, if you are planning on arranging a themed wedding the incorporation of the theme in the bridal gown would make the whole occasion articulated in an artistic manner. Whereas, on the other hand, there are some brides who play it smartly and prefer buying the perfect outfit first and then use it as an inspiration to plan the theme of their wedding.

Know what flatters your body type

There are countless cuts and styles of wedding dress and there’s something suited to different body shapes. The key is to select the attire that will highlight your best features and conceal the parts you aren’t so keen on. Therefore, while shopping for the perfect outfit try to keep in mind some basic facts:

  • The selection of the empire line outfits is a perfect technique to conceal short height and short legs,
  • Dropped and falling waist gowns are a great way to disguise short waists.
  • V-necks pass out a slimming impression and are perfect for brides having larger busts.
  • Detailed and assembled material at one’s bust is a great way to flatter chests.
  • The horizontal stripes give the impression of wide body and may make you look fat, on the other hand, vertical stripes help in making you look taller.

Dress according to your shape  

  • Pear-shaped body should aim for a little dropped yet defined waist. Brides of this body shape can flaunt the look by making use of their greatest asset which is their hips. The gown skirts having soft flowing draperies that are falling over the hips will compliment and flatter such body shape.
  • Hourglass shaped body has a defined waistline and most of the styles look absolutely gorgeous on such figures. The hips and bust of a bride having such body shape are in proportion and thus, styles like strapless gowns with an A-line skirt are one of the best choices for them.
  • The undersized and small body shape has the problem of height and body frame. The best choice for the undersized and small body is a skirt having an A-line cut. The skirt should not be too full either too slim and straight as the bride may give the impression of being lost in them. But if still a small sized bride desires a straighter look, she can opt for the mermaid skirt to compliment her size and body shape as this skirt is fitted to the mid-thigh length and it flares out.
  • Plus-size woman: although shopping and selecting the perfect gown is usually a complicated and nerve-wracking experience for brides of all sizes yet, it is the hardest for brides of plus size.

The diverse gown silhouettes

Bridal Gowns

As we all have dissimilar body shapes and understanding the diverse gown silhouettes before shopping is always recommended. This article guides you through the details of various wedding gown styles and which styles compliments which body shape.

Ball gown: This gown is a “fairy tale” wear, with a close-fitting bodice and a full skirt having flairs staring from the waistline. This type of wear is suited to almost all body types yet they look the best on pears, as it conceals their not so perfect lower body. Moreover, this wear is not suitable for small people as it can be overwhelming for them and they might get lost in the gown.

A-Line: these gowns take after the shape of an A and have fitted bodice till the waist and then it flows out to the ground. These type of gowns are considered perfect for all body types.

Trumpetthis is a fitted dress on the upper body and flairs start from mid-thigh length. This dress also has a cut that is similar to the mermaid and A-line dresses. This wear is suitable for small, hourglass and banana-shaped bodies having small waists.

Mermaid: this style is fitted from chest to the knee length and then it flares out. This style is perfect for hourglass and slender frames as it helps in accentuating their curves and is not a good choice for plus size and pear-shaped bodies.

Sheath: this is a narrowly shaped dress that flows from the neckline down to the hem. This wear is best suited to petite, banana, and hourglass body shapes as it compliments their curves and is not suitable for pears and sheaths as it will highlight their waist and make them look fat and unflattering.

Tea-Length: the length of this wear is somewhere in between the knee and the ankle and suits almost every body type.

Mini: these gowns have their skirt falling above the knee and is a perfect wear for banana shaped people and is never recommended to plus size brides.

Blunders to avoid

The biggest mistake the brides make is that they try to hide the not so perfectly shaped parts of their body under the layers of fabric. This is disastrous as it only attracts attention to those parts and pass out a chunky impression. Similarly, the dress should not be too revealing as it would make you conscious and uncomfortable through the event. Moreover, a revealing dress may make you later cringe over your wedding photos. Another blunder is of buying a dress smaller than your actual size with the hope of fitting into it by dieting. Although you may lose some inches before your big day but a dress smaller than your actual size would make you look inappropriate.

To wear or not to wear a veil

The veil may possibly shadow your beautiful face and gorgeous hair-do and thus, should be selected in the perfect size and shape that commends the overall appearance of the bride.

Decide on your individual style over high fashion

Instead of choosing and purchasing an ultra-trendy styled wedding gown opt for the one you that reflects your personality and the one that makes you look and feel ideal. In addition, some hints of personal character can also be incorporated into a simple dress and turn it into a piece remembered and talked by all. The usage of unique jewelry, stylish shoes and other stand out accessories can turn a wedding gown stand out and make it much better than an outfit selected straight off the bridal catwalks.

After all the hustle, when you try the gown and can’t resist staring at yourself in the mirror don’t forget to greet and compliment yourself as you have found the perfect gown for your big day!

The changing and modern face of bridal attire

Undoubtedly, the white wedding gowns introduced and disseminated by Queen Victoria never lost their popularity and there’s no contradiction in accepting its totemic supremacy. For lots of brides, it summarizes a hope, transformative effect, and romantic reminiscence.

Gone are the times when dainty and exquisite wedding outfits that concealed your curves were the only available options. At present, modern gowns halt all the rules regarding style, propriety, and color. Nowadays, the brides are stretching their choices beyond the restrictions of the traditional bridal wear. Ranging from the summery boho wedding wears to sophisticated long-sleeved gowns, the options are limitless. These alternative wedding dresses tempt the brides to stand out and make a bold statement with lashings of style and classiness.

Even nowadays, the decision of a bride to tie the knot wearing another color is reflected as rebellious and daring. However, recently, the majority of the brides are opting for some colors in their gowns. A hint of color here and there can enhance the plain and boring look of your gown and transform it into a stunning piece. Colors can be incorporated in the gowns through embroidery or as a detail on the lace on gowns.

Another major change in the wedding attire industry is the shift toward more casual, contemporary, and practical dresses. David's Bridal, the dominant power in bridal attire also got affected by this shift. The main source of the corporation’s revenue was its bridal and bridesmaids' wears, but the adoption of casual weddings and minimalistic approach in clothing made the company's traditional wears less appealing.

Even Meghan Markle, in one of the world’s expensive marriage opted for a simple yet chic boat neckline wedding dress. She modernized her dress with a clean, simple cut and beautiful long sleeves. Treading the line between traditional and whimsically romantic, Meghan's design was classic and timeless.

Recently the brides prefer to have their gowns custom made and the retailers like Anomalie offer the brides services of creating bespoke gowns. The new entries in the bridal wear industry help in bringing a fresh and contemporary feel to the gowns in comparison to the stuffy and old-fashioned gowns.

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