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Attendant Duties

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Attendant Meanings

  • A Maid of Honor is single; a Matron of Honor is married. She is at least 18 years of age - the minimum age to sign a legal document.
  • She makes arrangements for the bachelorette party and invites the guests.
  • She helps select attendants' dresses, coordinates the bridesmaids, helps address the invitations, and plans the shower.
  • Helps the bride dress and finish packing on her wedding day. During the ceremony she stands next to the bride, holds the groom's ring and bride's bouquet, adjusts bride's veil and train, and signs the marriage license, and stands next to the groom in the receiving line.
  • She may offer a toast at the reception.
  • After the reception she helps the bride change into her going-away outfit, takes care of storing the wedding dress and may deposit gift checks or look after presents while couple is honeymooning.
  • The bridesmaids offer to do errands for the bride and help address invitations before the wedding.
  • They pay for attire, attend fittings, participate in bridal shower, attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • May assist in caring for the flower girl or ring bearer before the ceremony.
  • They march down the aisle in the processional and may stand in the receiving line.
  • At the reception, they sit alternately with ushers at the bridal table and dance with ushers during the reception.

The best man is at least 18 years of age - the minimum age to sign a legal document.

  • He makes arrangements for the bachelor dinner, and often assists in hotel arrangements for groom's family and out-of-town guests, as well as confirms honeymoon travel arrangements and provides groom's transportation to the ceremony and to the reception.
  • He confirms ushers' and groomsmen's duties.
  • Helps groom pack car for couple's getaway.
  • During the ceremony he signs marriage license, and holds the clergy's fee and bride's ring. Also, he offers the first toast at the reception, and sits at bride's right at the head table.
  • Dances with the bride and attendants, and reads congratulatory telegrams.
  • After the wedding he returns all of the men's rental clothing to the tux shop.

Assist groom with errands, bachelor party, and seating lists before the wedding.

  • Responsible for clothing rentals and lodging, attending rehearsal dinner and arriving early to the wedding site.
  • Escort guests to their seats, seating friends of the bride on the left, and of the groom on the right. Seat the groom's parents and the bride's mother.
  • Pull runner into position as the bridal march begins, and pull it back at the end.
  • March in the processional and escort the bridesmaids at the end of the ceremony.
  • They may escort bride and groom's family out of the church, and signal each aisle of guests to exit.
  • Pack and decorate the get-away car (if allowed).
  • Should be able to give directions to the church and reception facilities.
  • Provide bridesmaids with transportation and dancing partners for the reception.
  • Seated just prior to the mother of the bride at the ceremony.
  • Traditionally host the rehearsal dinner.
  • They stand in the receiving line.
  • Often pay for the liquor and bar service at the reception.
  • Traditionally, the father of the bride pays for the wedding and reception, although it's more often a shared expense with the bride and groom and the groom's family.
  • The father of the bride escorts his daughter down the aisle and stands next to the mother of the bride in the receiving line.
  • Toasts the couple at the rehearsal dinner, and dances with his daughter after her first dance with the groom.
  • The mother of the bride is the last person to be seated before the ceremony and is the first in the receiving line.
  • The mother of the bride is prepared to pass along gift and registry ideas to inquiring guests, and she assists in compiling the guest list and may accompany the bride when shopping for her gown.
  • When including children, choose the kids carefully.
  • Include them in the rehearsal, provide a baby-sitter, and set their parents on the aisle.
  • Allow them to back out if nerves prevail, and be sure to give them a special reward for their important role in your wedding.
  • Immediately precedes the bride.
  • Carries a basket of flowers to strew in the bride's path, symbolizing a beautiful path ahead.
  • Precedes either the flower girl or the bride.
  • Carries the pillow with the symbolic ring. (The best man still gets the honor of presenting the real thing.)

For a very formal wedding, two children may carry the train down the aisle.


Children from either family who light the candles just before the mother of the bride is seated.

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