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Culture, Rituals, and Dresses: Understanding a Buddhist Wedding

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Buddhism has been a strong religion for over two thousand years, which means that it is steeped in long-held traditions for almost everything, and weddings are no exception.

If you are marrying into the Buddhist faith, or are only curious, you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to talk about the traditions and customs of a Buddhist wedding.

Buddhist Wedding Traditions and Customs

Weddings all over the world are unique and speak about the history of the people. Some are full of religious context, while others see a wedding as a good reason to throw a party. Regardless, it is fun to look at the different ways people celebrate a marriage.

1. The Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

There is a lot about Buddhist wedding ceremonies that include blessings. The officiant can chant a number of blessings that the bride and groom request. As Buddha was not a proponent of the modern idea of marriage, there is not a lot more to go on.

Blessings and words for the couple handed down by a monk are customary and often take place in the temple of their choosing after they have the official ceremony. Guests are welcome at these blessings but should be respectful.

Buddha did not have strong feelings about the marriage ceremony, so expect something new. Buddhist wedding vows are often about trust, love, and honor. You can also expect a lot of incense, candles, and repeated chants.

2. What to Wear to a Buddhist Wedding

The dress for a bride is up to the family and their personal traditions or their region.

In most modern weddings, brides are allowed to wear the usual white wedding dress. Depending on the country or region, some brides will wear:

  • A robe of quilted fabric (Japanese brides)
  • A crown of beads (Korean bride)
  • An umbrella during the ceremony (Chinese brides)

As a guest, you are free to wear what you wish. The stipulation is that it should not be provocative or revealing.

3. The Reception

If you are going to a Buddhist wedding, you are likely wondering what the reception will be like. The answer is simple: nothing out of the ordinary. As stated above, Buddha did not have guidelines for weddings, so it is up to the couple.

If customs are strong in the family, you may expect a meat-free dinner. Veganism is not a rule for all wedding receptions, so it is not guaranteed. Music, dancing, and celebrating will be the same as any other couples’ wedding.

More Wedding Details

If you are new to Buddhist wedding customs and traditions, you may feel out of place. You can always look at it as a way to expand your horizons. By communing with others in their spiritual beliefs, you are creating safety and love.

Is that not what a new marriage is all about?

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