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What To Know About A Traditional Greek Wedding

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Greek Weddings Customs and Traditions:

Greek weddings are quite interesting occasions with numerous conventions originating from both the Greek Orthodox church and from social superstitions. Despite the fact that customs shift starting with one town then onto the next, and from various areas and islands, there are a couple of conventions that stay all-inclusive to a run of the mill Greek wedding function.

Pre-wedding customs

Additionally, it is the custom for the group of a Greek bride or ‘niffi’ to mastermind a ‘proika’ which she would convey to her conjugal home. A ‘proika’ can be thought of as a dowry and it can either be a real box that the bride takes with her when she is hitched or only a name given to everything like tea towels, table and bed material that she gets before the wedding.

The Wedding

The best man or the koumbaros, holds the wedding bands the bride and groom and consecrates them multiple times for the Holy Trinity. One more essential piece of the Greek wedding function is the Stephana. Unique conjugal crowns or wreaths made of orange blooms and connected by a streamer of white lace are set upon the heads of the bride and groom which are then exchanged forward and backward multiple times.

Greek Weddings

During the ceremony the priest will bless and place the wedding rings in the right hands of the bride and groom. It is believed to be the hand that God blesses with. The bride and groom exchange their rings back and forth three times (in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.) during the betrothal part of the service, assisted by a sponsor.

My big Fat Greek Wedding:

In the event that you have ever observed the film “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding” you have a truly smart thought about how a Greek commitment goes. Generally, when a Greek couple get ready for marriage, they do so before their whole family. A short time later, there is a gigantic gathering as the families celebrate.

Greek Weddings

Making the Marital Bed

Another wedding convention is the planning of the wedding bed which ordinarily happens on the night prior to the wedding. The custom is straight forward and doesn’t change much all through the nation. It starts with the lady of the hour’s mom and grandma covering the bed with bloom petals, coins, and koufeta (Jordan almonds) to guarantee love, flourishing, and fruitfulness. At times, the lady of the hour’s chaperons additionally helps set up the conjugal bed — as long as they are single ladies.

Prepared, Set, Shave

Upon the arrival of the wedding, the groom is shaved by his best man, or “koumbaro,” as an indication of trust between the two. Different customs are that the preparer’s companions enable him to get dressed by setting his coat on him or fastening his shirt, every single emblematic signal in assuming a job to enable him to prepare for the huge day.

Preparing the Bride

The bride likewise has the assistance of her companions in preparing. Her servant of respect also called “Koumbara” is close by throughout the day. A convention that is abundantly treasured is composing the names of the majority of the ladies’ single companions on the base of her wedding shoes. Before the finish of the night, they will all get worn off, symbolizing that the companions will not be single anymore and will before long be getting hitched themselves. Ordinarily, the bride will put a 3D shape of sugar in her glove or have one sewed within her outfit for a “sweet life.” When leaving for the wedding ceremony, the bride glances back at her home one final time with the expectation that her kids will take after her side of the family.

Greek Weddings

Food at Greek Wedding:

Koufeta is a key to any wedding festivity. These are self-contradicting crunchy, egg shape almonds symbolizing fertility, the hardness reappearance endurance in marriage. Usually, the ones for weddings are covered with sugar, to trust that the couple has a sweet loving marriage!

Five almonds have a significant meaning. Placed at each table setting, wrapped in tulle or a box. The five Almonds reappearance for the new couple is health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Dress for Respect

Despite the fact that most Orthodox Christians will reveal to you that there truly is no clothing regulation, the general thought is to dress consciously. It is viewed as an indication of regard to God to put on your best garments and try with your appearance. Some Orthodox Churches might be stricter than others with their clothing standard. You might need to call the church for direction on the best way to dress.

White or Black Tie Wedding

In the event that the wedding is white or dark tie, regardless of what you select for the gathering will be fitting for the church. Notwithstanding, if ladies select a dress that indicates excessive leg or cleavage, a shawl or wrap ought to be worn inside the  church to conceal the uncovered parts.

With white tie weddings, full night dress clothing is suitable. For ladies, outfits ought to be full length. For men, a tuxedo is the favoured outfit. While dark tie is likewise viewed as formal, ladies can wear a party dress and men can wear a more formal matching suit. In any case, with dark tie, full length outfits and tuxedos are likewise proper.

Superstitions and Good Luck

Greeks are constantly trying to avert the stink eye which is accepted to be a hex put on you by another person’s jealousy or desire – regardless of whether implied in a decent or awful way. When you have the stink eye you feel mixed up, yawn a ton and get a cerebral pain. So how does the bride avoid the stink eye on this most critical day? Straightforward. She sports blue or an appeal of the eye. Additionally, on the off chance that somebody compliments the bride’s dress they should spit “ftoo” multiple times to avert any negative powers that may be grinding away. Actually, it isn’t at all unprecedented to hear a theme of ‘ftoo, ftoo, ftoo!” as the floats down the isle.

Additionally, odd numbers are viewed as fortunate in light of the fact that an odd number can’t be part of a considerable number. The couple ought to have an odd number of participants at the function, an odd number of blossoms in the bundle and for the koufeta. A customary Greek wedding function pursues the services and ceremonies of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Greek Weddings

Customs Continue After the Ceremony

As a piece of custom, when the new bride initially lands at her in-laws’ home, she takes part in a custom known as the “improving of the lady of the hour.” This custom fluctuates from town to town and from various areas of Greece too. A few ladies will plunge her fingers in nectar at that point makes the indication of the cross with expectations of a decent association with her relative. Different customs comprise of ladies crushing a pomegranate at the entryway into the home, dispersing the pomegranate’s seeds symbolizing riches and fruitfulness.

The Koumbaro additionally trades the rings between the bride and groom multiple times to remind the couple that in hitched life, the shortcomings of one are repaid by the qualities of the other and the other way around.

Amid the gathering, customary Greek nourishment is served and visitors move to Greek music in the conventional style. Amid one of the love bird moves, visitors stick cash onto the lady and after the festival, dishes are crushed on the floor with tunes of “opa” for good fortunes.

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