JamaicanWedding Traditions

Jamaica Wedding Planning

Building the Venue

As with raising children, secure and healthy marriages are considered as much the responsibility of the community as the couple. To this end, the construction of the venue is a community endeavour.

Prior to the wedding, the men of the community construct a marquee using coconut boughs. The groom is forbidden from participating in the construction of the structure, but obliged to supervise the work and subject to many taunts and jokes! The construction of the marquee is an all day event, accompanied by food and music.

Selecting the Goat

Curried goat is a staple on the menu of traditional Jamaican weddings. The prospective bride and groom select the family who owns the herd from which the goat to be eaten will be taken. The choice – which signifies trust and ‘good vibes’ – is of great significance and often fuels much gossip! Once chosen, a kid from the herd is isolated and tended on the bride’s familial land.

Resources and References

This information is generously provided by Alisha Fuller of Hummingbird Hall in Jamaica. If you are considering getting married in Jamaica, please visit their website for wedding options.

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