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Planning a wedding is complicated enough so it’s easy to see how a multicultural wedding can cause even more stress as the big day approaches. Nevertheless, it’s also quite incredible compared to an average wedding as two cultures come together in unity. The love formed by two people of different ethnic/religious backgrounds gives each person’s culture a chance to shine. It’s an opportunity to bridge gaps, stay true to your roots, and of course, have
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There are few celebrations as inviting and uplifting as a traditional Jamaican wedding! Rich, Caribbean culture at its finest, Jamaican traditions spice up the festivities, add a new respect for cake, and keep the party going until dawn. If you’re looking to throw a Jamaican wedding, here are the ultimate wedding traditions you should know about and incorporate. 1. A Sacred Cake When you think of a wedding, the cake seems like the cherry on
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While the wedding couple are the focus of a wedding, the flowers for the occasion are important as well. No matter what your wedding theme, flowers are a significant detail. Knowing your options when it comes to flowers and their seasonal availability will help determine not only your décor but the budget allocated for your floral arrangements. Keep reading for flower tips to make your special day even more stunning. Picking Bouquet Styles The first
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Bahut badhaiyaan! Many congratulations on your engagement! Hindu weddings are among the brightest and glamorous weddings. They are also deep in tradition that makes them a beautiful, memorable experience for those in the wedding and for their guests. Both in India and in the U.S., a traditional Hindu marriage ceremony lasts between two and three hours, truly an event to experience and appreciate! There are also pre-wedding ceremonies that are celebrated beforehand. We gathered a
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Almost 2.5 million weddings take place in the United States every year. Of those, a number will no doubt be military weddings as our servicemen and women tie the knot. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a military ceremony, you’ll want to be sure you’re observing proper protocol. If you’re planning to attend a military wedding ceremony, we’ve got you covered. This guide will tell you what you need to know to respect
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Some of the first inhabitants of the United States were Native Americans. The beauty of their existence is not just one dynamic. There are many tribes across the continental United States. Each tribe has distinctive traditions and customs. Acknowledging your family’s cultural ties to the Native American community means taking the time to find the traditions that you want to highlight as part of your ceremony. Here are three key areas to consider when planning
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Wedding Etiquette Greetings! We thought it would be fun to revisit some of the questions in our Wedding Details FAQ’s book that we published, listing 101 answers to your top wedding planning questions. Answers from the wedding etiquette section were written and answered by Edith Gilbert. Thanks Edith for your sound advice. Q. We are having a problem trying to decide whether or not to invite my fiancés stepmother to the wedding. I will be polite in
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The Where, How, and Why of a Wedding Registry: You have heard of them… but have you ever used one? A wedding registry makes it easy for a couple’s guests to purchase a gift that they know the bride and groom want and will use. While not all couples choose to have one, it is a great way to prevent them from receiving the same gifts from multiple people. Most major department stores and many online
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Wedding Cake Trends It doesn’t matter what your style is, there is sure to be a wedding cake to fit it! Each year more and more elaborate and inventive cake designs hit the tables. Nеw Trеnds Texture. Whether it is the way frosting is used, or artwork on fondant frosting, or artistic florals. The cake speaks for itself on its stand. Another trend is to frost a cake to mimic the wedding dress. If
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You’ve said yes to your future partner, now it is time to say yes to the dress!  Buying your wedding dress can feel like a looming, impossible decision. For most women, a wedding dress will be the most expensive and fancy dress they ever expect to buy. Wedding dresses are not simply a piece of cloth for a bride. Wedding dresses are a symbol. Buying a wedding dress isn’t simply about what looks good and
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