1WeddingDetailsLogoThumbnail.png2Let's be honest. You can't plan a wedding by yourself so you look to family and friends for help and support up until the day you say "I do".

But you realize that everyone else also has their own life and won't always be able to revolve it around you. Typically Mom is stuck with a lot of the work, whether she likes it or not. What you and Mom really need is someone who can help you make decisions and be impartial. Sometimes a neutral “voice of reason” can help make wedding planning more enjoyable for all involved. A wedding planner can help in more ways than one!

5Think about how much stress this could take off of Mom! It can save her from calling all the vendors, trying to stay within budget, and coordinating all the details for meetings, tastings or fittings. She won't be left decorating at the last minute or having to worry about why the florist is five minutes late. A good wedding planner can take care of all that and let Mom actually enjoy the wedding day of her daughter or son. She will already be busy enough greeting all your relatives as they arrive. Weddings are a very important event, why not avoid the stress? Hire an event planner to do what they do best: help plan the most amazing day of your life!

So let Mom enjoy your big day too, she deserves it! After all, you wouldn't be here without her. 🙂

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