Generally, the best man acts as the toastmaster, and prepares a list of the order in which each person will make a toast. There is an established protocol which the couple may or may not choose to follow.

Microphones:  You may want to check with the hired musicians for the use of their microphone if the rehearsal or reception is in a very large area and people may have a hard time hearing. You might also consider if the sound system will be set up when you need to speak.

Special Considerations:  If you, or someone else, will not be able to stand as you deliver your toast, you may want to make special arrangements ahead of time to move to a location where you will be seen by all.

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Rehearsal Dinner

You might follow this order:

  • The best man toasts the bride
  • The bride toasts the groom
  • The groom toasts the bride’s mother
  • The bride’s father may toast the groom’s parents


During the Reception

You might follow this order:

  • The best man toasts the bride and groom
  • The groom toasts the bride and her family
  • The two fathers toast the bride and groom
  • The bride and groom toast each other


Tips for that Perfect Toast

  • Don’t be long-winded.
  • Stand to give a toast; remain seated to receive one.
  • Prepare ahead of time; know what you are going to say.
  • Mention those you are toasting by name, your relationship to them, and a thought about this wonderful event.
  • Add witty anecdotes wherever possible, if they are in good taste.
  • Speak slowly and loudly enough for all guests to hear.
  • You may want to avoid consuming alcohol before your toast.
  • Don’t forget to cap off the toast with a hearty ending like “Cheers!”


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