Water – If your wedding is held in the warm summer months, plan on enough cold beverages for your guests, and keep them available throughout the day. Chilled bottle water or pitchers of iced water is a simple but thoughtful drink. The wedding party will also appreciate a handy cold beverage if they are being photographed outside.

Umbrellas – Have a few umbrellas available. In the event of rain or hot sunshine, your older guests, babies, and those that sunburn easily will appreciate having one. This thoughtful touch will be remembered because guests will know you cared about their comfort.

Chairs – some people cannot stand for any length of time. Have a few chairs or benches available.

Shade – your musicians will need shade.

Shoes – what kind of shoes do you plan on wearing for your wedding? Flip flops, flat or low heels, wedge type, and ballerina slippers allow you to walk smoothly. Three-inch heels will have you tripping like a newborn foal.

Hair – hair spray and gel are your best friends. Fly away hair can ruin a great photo – #1 tip from www.zacsphoto.com.

Rough terrain – if guests must travel over grass, gravel or sand, ask younger relatives to help older aunts and uncles walk to the ceremony area.

Bugs – Don’t forget the bug spray!

Sunblock – Lotion or spray, guests will appreciate having it available.

Maps – Include a map to the ceremony and reception locations in the wedding invitation.

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