Tips on how to plan a Winter Wedding

Add magic to the holidays and make your day festive and fun. Use the Christmas , Hanukkah or New Years themes to celebrate in style. Or, do something really different and have a “tropical wedding”  in the middle of cold January. 

Here are some tips we found on what to think of  while planning a winter theme wedding.

1. Think of having warm wraps for yourself and your bridal party

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest



2. Incorporate the Holiday Glitz, into your wedding theme.

Source: via Yasa on Pinterest



3. Add   the Warmth,  set up a hot cocoa bar incorporating all the fixtures, plus hot cider or  Irish coffees! Yum!

Source: via Jodie on Pinterest


4.  Use seasonal greens & flowers.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest



Lastly,  here is a great video we want to share with even more Winter wedding tips. Enjoy!


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